(What is the right time to move on?)

Welcome back to It’s Dragging Ass Monday and we are all hoping this day will fly by. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Today’s topic is “Rebounds”. We all know what a “Rebound” is. You get out of one relationship and you jump right into another to help you cope with the loss. Sometimes we do this inadvertently, other times we do it on purpose. Is there a certain time frame you should follow before jumping into another relationship? Should it matter if you were the one who broke it off? Should it matter how long or how serious the last relationship was? Maybe there are no time frames after a break up. When you’re ready your ready.

The end of a relationship is difficult in a lot of ways for both parties involved, even if you’re the one that ended it. If it was a long relationship there are certain things that you got used to. If it was a short relationship then the rebound thing doesn’t really apply. I don’t think there is a written rule or timetable that one should follow before getting involved with another. I do know that time is needed to heal and think about what went wrong and why. The time it takes for people to heal varies. Some will be fine right away. They have the ability to just let go and cope with things just fine. Others will hold on to the past so tight it causes their heart to bleed. Some will dull the pain by holding it in and others will cry at every little thing that reminds them of the last relationship. What happens sometimes is we meet or seek out someone right after a break up to help us cope with it.

Sometimes it’s just a fling and other times it’s someone that has walked right into a rebound without even knowing what the hell they just got into. If it’s just a fling then, it’s just a fling. If you both were on common ground on what was going on then I don’t see a huge problem with it. Yes some brainiacs will say you’re using the other person involved in the fling to help you cope and there are healthier alternatives to deal with a break up. Well sometimes a healthy alternative is a nice fling to get your mind off of everything. Healthy or not they help. Just make sure you’re both on common ground on what’s going on. If not it turns into something completely different. You’ll end up dealing with both coping with the last relationship and having to deal with the person trying to start the new one.

How do you know it’s the right time to start a new relationship? If you have just broken up with someone on a Thursday and are trying to start a new relationship on Saturday I think maybe it’s too soon. Sometimes you will have people that try to pursue you right after a relationship because they have been waiting for you to be single for a while and they have been secretly plotting this for a while. They don’t see it as you need time; they see it as they have been waiting forever! It’s probably not wise to jump right in with someone like this. They are going to tell you they can do everything better than the last. Beware. Like I said before there is no set time frame however jumping right into a new relationship can’t be a smart move, and usually it’s not fair to the other party. At some point you might just want to be free of a relationship so you may accidently crush someone. They say time heals everything. I’m not sure who “they” are but they say a lot.

Jo-Jo-Bears take: Easy answer; when you’re completely over the last person you can move on. Yeah like that’s easy to know. Maybe there is no such thing as a time frame. Maybe you can just jump right into a relationship right after a break up. Yeah, and maybe I can fit a soccer ball in my rectum. I think time will always be needed in between relationships. I don’t know how much time; I just know that some time will be needed. I know if it’s been a couple of days and you’re already moving in with someone else after you’ve just broken it off with another then that’s too fast. So tell me people. What is a rebound and what is the right time to start a whole new relationship? You can leave your comments here or on Facebook.

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