You want to take a break? WHAT?

What does it mean when your significant other wants a break? There are a lot of people who have told me that they were still with someone but they were on a “break”. What do these breaks mean? Is there ever coming back from a break? Are breaks just another way of saying you want to bone someone else? How much can someone really care about you if they want a break from you? Can a break actually help your relationship?

First off if you’ve been with someone for less than a year and they say they need a break from the relationship, go ahead and break up with them right then and there. If there are things that they can’t handle that early in the relationship then think about the long haul. Obviously there are circumstances that can cause this such as a death in the immediate family or a major injury. If it’s something petty than just let it go. Needing a break that early is not just a red flag, it’s a red flag that’s on fire with sparklers going off in the background. So if it’s an early break they want make it a permanent one.

If it’s someone that you have been going out with for some time and they just come out of nowhere and say they need a break then I would think there are secrets going on. Also I don’t think this is something that can just come out of the blue. Usually if someone is telling me a story and then they say, “out of nowhere they tell me they need a break”, I usually think to myself that there had to be signs. If someone is telling you they need a break then there has to be something that has been going on. Usually it’s something you have blinded yourself from. You would be amazed at what we can blind ourselves from. We can all totally be oblivious to what’s right in front of us. Your significant other asking for a break should be enough to wake you up to everything. I just don’t think there is an “out of nowhere” when someone asks for a break.

If you’ve been having problems with your lover and then they ask for a break then it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise right? Constant fights, bickering over little things, reduced sexual activity and I’m sure I can go on and on. Relationships have their ups and downs and sometimes we feel like we need a break. Some can take a walk or take a couple of hours away, others need a month.  It all depends on how you handle the whole “let’s take a break”.

So what the hell does “I need a break” mean anyway? Does it mean that they are cheating? If you have not been seeing your significant other very often and then they want a break that could mean another has come in to steal your thunder. Does a break mean they are just plain sick of you? If you find yourself annoyed so much with your mate that you need a break or you’ll kill them maybe it’s time to find a new mate! Can a break actually help your relationship? Well it all depends on what you do during the break. If you have sex with 6 people, 3 zebras and a monkey the break would probably be for good. I suppose there are times that a break can help but why wouldn’t you just be able to try and work things out with your loved one right then and there? I’m not sure. I think if you are trying to really make a life with a person then “breaks” are bad. What’s the best way to handle someone asking for a break? Tell me people. Leave a comment here or on facebook. Also email your topics to I have to send special thanks to Jessica for Friday’s topic. Yes people that topic came from a woman! She wanted to know if a guy would take a finger in the booty if she was taking a wiener. I morphed it into something else but still it was Jess’s idea. Thanks Jessica. See everyone Wednesday.

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